New Car Models are Set to Shake Up the Australian Market Later This Year

Last year was an exciting one for Australian car enthusiasts, with everything from Ford’s iconic Mustang to a brand-new version of the rally-inspired favorite the Subaru Impreza showing up on the market. While buyers therefore had plenty of interesting new options to contemplate, research, and test drive, this year is already turning out to be even more generous in terms of the novel choices it presents. Just about every kind of buyer in Australia will find something brand new on the automotive market to look into, with manufacturers across the board making an effort to keep things fresh.

Likely one of the most anticipated introductions to come is that of the Maserati Levante. Maserati is a particular favorite among Australian buyers of means, with the manufacturer’s luxurious, high-performing sedans and coupes always seeming to check all the boxes. The Levante represents what will be Maserati’s first foray into a class of vehicle that has become one of the most popular of all among buyers who head instinctively and habitually upmarket. As the very first sport utility vehicle from a company mostly known for producing fairly fast, agile cars, the Levante has attracted plenty of attention even before releasing.

This is not to say that only Australian buyers with a lot of cash to spare will have new vehicles to which to look forward. Kia is a manufacturer that still emphasizes value and affordability in everything it does, even while having long since broken out of the economy-focused box that allowed it to grow into a major force in the industry. The upcoming Kia GT looks to many like a vehicle tailor-made for the Australian market, a place where buyers still appreciate the performance and excitement that only a rear wheel drive layout can deliver.

At the same time, the GT aims at accomplishing this at a price point that will make it possible for even those for whom affordability is a top concern to roll away from the dealership in style. Between these new vehicles and what are sure to be the other top cars of the year, it must be clear that this is one of the most exciting times in recent memory to be a car enthusiast in Australia.