The New Opel Zafira Targets Growing Families and Largely Hits the Mark

Families that are becoming larger inevitably need to make some sacrifices and figure out ways of accommodating the addition of new members and the changing priorities and requirements of children and parents alike. In many cases, for example, the birth of a baby will mean that looking for more spacious living arrangements will make sense, as might seeking out ways of making better use of existing space, instead. For a great many families grappling with such developments, transportation turns out to be an issue, as well. A compact car that served a mother, father, and one child well will often start to reveal its drawbacks and weaknesses as time goes on.

The new Opel Zafira is a vehicle aimed squarely at such buyers, and it mostly hits the mark. With seven seats available in even its most affordable and basic form, the Zafira is a car that can comfortably transport the average family along with some friends. As the seats aside from the two in front have also been designed to be easy to reconfigure or remove entirely, the Zafira is an especially flexible vehicle that can be used for more than only transporting people.

Add to that the fact that Opel has equipped the new Zafira generously at every trim level, and many families will find a lot to like. From relatively high-tech embellishments that normally command a premium to a full array of safety equipment, buyers of even the most affordable version of the car will not feel left out. All of this bounty is delivered in a way that reviewers consistently describe as “classy,” “sophisticated,” and the like, as well, making the vehicle’s price tag even more impressive.

Naturally enough, the Zafira does come with a couple of drawbacks. For one, its fuel economy figures are not necessarily as outstanding as many of its other numbers, with certain competing cars requiring a good deal less investment at the pump for the same frequency of service. Some reviewers have also complained about the difficulty of adjusting the middle seats of the Zafira, in particular, although others have not identified a problem. By being very well rounded, spacious, and impressively equipped at a low price point, the new Zafira seems almost certain to attract many buyers, these minor quibbles aside.