Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Join T Shirt Printing Industry

Designing t-shirt can be a promising job due to the current trend of printed tees. Many people who love to design using designing software can try this opportunity. This article will elaborate some suggestions for those who want to be involved in t shirt printing industry.

The list below describes some tips on how to design a better custom t-shirt:

  • Create new innovations: you can find inspiration for your designs from the latest fashion trends. However, make sure not to copy them. When you see certain designs on t-shirts being produced, there is a higher chance that the designers are already thinking about future designs behind the scenes. So, make sure you are also several steps ahead from the current designs you see on the market.
  • Educate yourself: having a great understanding on the design is important as a t-shirt designer. You may have to study about it and understand the context of the design. Tees are very popular apparels that have been representing the general culture of pop and its subsidiary, such as sport crossovers, street art, skateboarders, bands, and many others. By understanding about the origin of its popularity, you may be able to grasp a better idea on the design of your t-shirt.
  • Find a suitable printer: the quality of the printed design on your tee is determined by the quality of your printer. A wonderful design will not be delivered well if the printer you use is suck. It is very important to take your time and learn about the type of t-shirt you wish to print on. The cost, labeling options, size, weight, etc., all of these aspects will affect the results of your product. You can try to make a deal with certain companies that you deem to be a good one as a start.
  • Prepare the design properly: to win the heart of the printers, using pantone colors is more recommended. They will also like it better if you expand the strokes and outline the text of your design. There are a lot of great tutorials available, which depend on the software you use to design, be it Photoshop or Illustrator.

The list above already explain several tips on how to create better designs for your tees. Other than the tips mention above, it is always a great thing to discuss your design with experts or at least experienced persons within the industry to get the best advices on your design.